Best Event Catering Philadelphia

Best Event Catering Philadelphia

Catering services can make or break an important event. This is why it is imperative only to choose professionals to do the job. DiAntonio’s Catering is a leading catering business that doesn’t deliver food, but excellence.

We consider reaching perfection in everything we do, no matter the magnitude of the event, or the people attending to it. If you’re looking for the best event catering in Philadelphia, call us. With us everything will be perfect, as we have been polishing our catering services over the past 25 years; perfection is our specialty. Our services include:

Breakfast and Luncheon Catering

The breakfast is particularly important because people use it to build their first impression. It is vital to have impeccable food and pay attention to every detail, no matter how small. Whether you’re going for apple or blueberry-stuffed pancakes or a smoked salmon, you know our breakfasts will be as delicious as good-looking.

Our luncheons share the same exotic vibe as the rest of our menu. There’s no better way of fueling your day than with a Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich, an Asian Salad or delicious trademark guacamole. We are the masters of sandwiches for good reasons, and you will get to see our Italian influences in many of our products.

Corporate Catering

No matter the magnitude of the event, our Corporate catering services rely on peak quality, diversity and, first and foremost, exceptional taste. Whether you prefer cold servings or hot foods, one thing will never change – we will shock your taste buds.

We realize how critical corporate events can be. Making a good impression is vital, and often that translates into having a reliable catering company by your side. If you need the best event catering in Philadelphia, now you know who to call.

Wedding Catering

A wedding is a life-defining event. You will remember all the details for the rest of your life which is why it is crucial to make it perfect. And although it may not be of vital importance to you, the food will forever remain engrained in your guests’ minds. Every little detail counts, from how the food looks and tastes, to the professionalism of the catering services.

Allow us to manage your wedding and, rest assured; we’ll make it an event to remember. Our professional staff will always be at your disposal to meet your needs and desires. Whether you want custom-made menus, or simply put your trust in our experts, one thing is certain– the result will be flawless.

Special Events Catering

We’ll take care of everything, whether it is a private party, a birthday, a wedding anniversary or even a night out with friends. Just give us the specifics, and we’ll be all over it.

You need specialists if you want the best event catering in Philadelphia, which means you need us. Our staff consists of professionals with vast experience in catering, and our services live up to the highest standards. If you want what’s best, give us a call!  

Best Event Catering Philadelphia
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