Philadelphia Caterers

Philadelphia Caterers

Business dinners, meetings with suppliers, product launches. Each celebration is an experience influenced by a series of factors to attend to the guests. The organizer must take care of all the aspects involved since the event represents the brand. It is expected to provide a unique experience.

One of the keys to a celebration is that they will be offered to the guests to eat and enjoy. That is why the choice of Catering company becomes very relevant. If you want to hire Philadelphia caterers to attend your event, it is essential that you know the most important aspects of this service.

What is a Catering Service?

A catering company provides the food service prepared to events, institutions, parties, airlines, among others. You can also offer other value-added facilities such as tables and chairs rental, decoration, music, waiters.

The food can be prepared at the supplier's headquarters, or directly at the place of the event. Every day this service is more used for events because of its versatility. These are the different types of celebrations that are provided:

  • Buffet: this type of service consists of placing different types of hot and cold dishes on one or several tables so that the guests serve themselves what they want. It is used for a variety of business events.

  • Cocktail: The selection to offer is a series of drinks and light foods. The food should be comfortable to eat with one hand, to be able to hold the glass in the other. Although it is light food, it must be varied and plentiful, so that all are satisfied. It is ideal for short events, which require little space for service since there will be many guests.

  • Banquet: this service is much more complicated and complete since it requires a space dedicated to the preparation of food. It also needs more staff. The area for the guests must be ample since there are elements such as tables, chairs, and It is ideal for business meals, and meetings with suppliers.

The service provider

Regarding the Philadelphia caterers that you are going to hire, take in mind the following aspects:

  • Quality of the food: the event represents your company, and it is essential to ensure the excellence of the products. In the interview, it is common to present a selection of foods, to verify the variety and quality. Be sure to check if they use frozen or fresh foods and if they have permission.

  • Service: It is crucial that you investigate the opinion of previous users by requesting a list from the provider, or through the Internet.

  • Punctuality: The meal must be at the time that has been arranged since the pace of an event is usually quite tight.

  • Additional services: Some catering companies offer the possibility of contracting through them services such as table hire, table linen, lighting, awnings, among others. Check prices with other providers.

Trust the best

DIANTONIO'S has years of experience as Philadelphia caterers, serving a variety of corporate events to an excellent portfolio of companies. If you are looking for the company that best represents your brand, you are in the right place. Contact us for your next event; we assure you an exceptional level of satisfaction.

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