Philadephia Catering

Philadephia Catering

We've all heard the saying that love goes through the stomach. At Diantonio’s Catering, we believe everything goes through the stomach. Our passion for food spreads over almost three decades, allowing us to elaborate on some of the most impressive menus on the market.

Our Philadelphia catering services rank among the best for several reasons:

Covering most events

There’s no event we can’t cover, regardless of the magnitude. Whether you prefer an intimate setting for a handful of guests or large, impressive corporate event with thousands of people, we’re up to the task. Since we put a high value on quality and details, you can rest assured we’ll perform flawlessly.

The vast menu

Our menus combine the shock value with impeccable quality, precision, and taste. We believe catering is as much science as it is art, and we are proficient in both areas. Our master chef will serve you some of the most delicious, good-looking, and exotic menus, including:

Breakfast – Delicious and nutritious, perfect to help you start your day energetic and in a good mood.

Hot Lunches – The second meal of the day, but equally important and savory.

Sandwich Combos – Perfect for a fast, delicious snack, for moments when larger meals are not possible.

Salads – Extremely diverse in looks, taste, and nutritious value, our salads perfectly complement every meal we’ll serve you.

Soups and Stews – You’ll find nothing but pure savor in our bowls of hot soups and stews.

Luncheons and Dinner Entrees – When you need our Philadelphia catering services for more formal reunions, our dinner entrees should be your go-to option. Savory, fresh, and carefully put together; these meals will mesmerize even the most pretentious tastes.

BBQ – Nothing speaks good food better than well-made meat, seasoned and aromatic, perfect for exciting your senses.

Hors D’Oeuvres (Appetizer) – If you’re looking for beautiful, tasty, exotic appetizers, we have you covered.

Gourmet Desserts – A perfect dessert is not only about taste. We consider deserts an experience, combining subtle flavors with astonishing visuals to capture the very quintessence of our artistic cuisine.

Quick Fix Trays, Breaks, Extras and Quick Add-Ons – Fast foods that cut no corners in taste and flavors. You have an impressive variety of food options to choose from, all of them equally delicious and memorable.

Our professionalism and experience

We have been creating and serving food for nearly 30 years, and our popularity has grown significantly during this time. We only focus on quality, timely delivery, and performance in everything we do. Flawless catering events are hard to come by, which is why we urge you only to choose professionals like us to work for you.

We never fail to live up to the expectations because we are only interested in excellence and that we can promise you. If you’re looking for top Philadelphia catering services, Diantonio’s Catering is your best bet. Come to our website, check out our menus and services, and give us a call! We’ll make sure your experience with us will be five stars start-to-finish.

Philadephia Catering
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