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When choosing an event caterer in Philadelphia there are many things to consider, but choosing a caterer based relatively close to your event could be an aspect of event planning you may have overlooked. Here are 2 great benefits for choosing a local caterer for your next wedding, party or corporate event.

our Philadelphia catering uses only the freshest produce and ingredients2 Benefits of choosing a local caterer

  1. Community togetherness. By choosing a local, and family owned company you are directly helping a business in your neighborhood!  Having a company you know well and who knows you well can give you ease of mind for all your events to come. Getting to know the local businesses in your area strengthens not only our local economy but also our sense of community.
  2. Choosing locally is more convenient. Having a company close by allows for an easier and faster set-up time. This gives you more time to focus on the other aspects of your event or wedding. Your local professional caterer has everything you need to make your event run as smoothly as you imagined, including local staff who are familiar with the area. The catering directors of your town, know the best locally grown, fresh produce and locally sourced meats to create the top quality flavor you expect from your event.

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John and Lydia Bastianich Di AntonioLet DiAntonio’s take care of all your local catering needs this season. With 25 years of experience, we have many tools and tips under our belts. We have the answers for all your catering needs and questions. We provide catering for large and professional events, as well as intimate gatherings. We value the importance of providing you with a personalized catering experience. Whether your event is large or small, your individual desires are important, and we are here to help make sure that you have all you need for your wedding, party, meeting, or commercial event. We invite you to check out our menu, and our online ordering system made easy for you!