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Customize a gourmet cheese tray for your office party

We take pride in presentation, farm fresh ingredients, flavor, and service at every event, big or small.

Don’t you sometimes look at the menu and wish you could just make a whole meal out of appetizers? So do we. Our chefs love to create delicious and innovative dishes for each client, but sometimes you just want to stick to the basics and create a catering menu filled with your favorite appetizers and snacks.

Not every event is centered around a meal

There are so many occasions that fall in between meals, especially in the corporate world. Happy hours, cocktail parties, afternoon gatherings, or late night celebrations don’t always call for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. No matter what time of day your event is scheduled, farm fresh appetizers and snacks are always a welcomed treat. No one does appetizers better than DiAntonio’s.

Gourmet cheese platter

We love putting together a good cheese platter to suit your event. The cheese platter is nothing new, but the way that you arrange the cheeses and the types of cheeses that you choose can be customized to any event or special occasion.

We create cheese platters that are visually stunning, but we also make sure that the ingredients that we feature are the best of the best. We work with local farmers and bakers to get local and fresh ingredients, including our bread and cheeses.

Farm fresh gourmet catering for your office party

Fresh-made pita bread and hummus for your next office party.

Gourmet appetizers

Cheese and crackers are the perfect bite-sized appetizers for casual or formal gatherings, but we can make any appetizer that you please. However, we are famous for catering fresh guacamole and our hummus with fresh baked pita bread.

Customize your catering menu

We make farm fresh appetizers and dishes for our clients. Everything is made fresh to ensure that you get the most nutrition and flavor in each dish. We’ll help you put together a buffet of appetizers for your next office party.

Customize your appetizer menu with a professional chef.