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Summer is a great time to get out of the office and do some team building. If you want to think outside of the box, a great start is to physically get out of the box and into nature. When it comes to catering the event, thinking outside the box means putting the food inside a box. When everyone is assuming there’ll be a buffet, surprise your team by choosing lunchbox catering instead. Just like in a buffet, each lunchbox is filled with fresh ingredients, tons of flavor, and beautifully presented. Yes, even a boxed lunch can look delicious.

Boxed Lunch Catering in Philadelphia

Hummus, pita, and veggie boxed lunch.

What’s in your lunchbox?

Remember how exciting it was to open your lunch in middle school, hoping that Mom or Dad had put in a little treat, or made your favorite sandwich? We want to bring back that same joy when we serve our boxed lunches. Just because it comes in a box doesn’t mean that it can’t be filled with great ingredients. Whether it’s a buffet or a boxed lunch, we are highly selective about the products we use. We make everything fresh, every day, and we try to highlight ingredients that are in season. We work with local farmers, ranchers, and vendors to ensure high-quality ingredients, as well as support our community.

Box vs. Buffet

There are many reasons to choose buffet catering. You can get a wider variety of dishes, there’ll be something for everyone, and it’s quicker than serving plated courses. However, the same is also true for boxed lunches. Boxed lunches can be like little mini buffets neatly contained in individual boxes. We can even box up some snacks and appetizers, like our hummus, veggies, and pita lunch box. Then, each employee can have their own boxed lunch with chicken, salad, and a few sides as the main meal. Furthermore, if someone doesn’t finish their whole lunch in one sitting, it’s easy to close up the box and keep it fresh for later.

Boxed Lunch Catering

Even boxed lunches can be beautifully presented.

Boxed lunches are weather-resistant

When we cater boxed lunches, we take pride in our presentation and our service. However, when you are outside, you never know what the weather is going to bring. The last time we catered boxed lunches, we were fortunate enough to have a tent to protect the food. Even though we are stacking boxed lunches, we still take care to present our food in the best light possible. Including linens on the tables, big bowls of fresh fruit, and all the accompaniments and utensils that you’ll need. However, if you’re on a wilderness retreat and don’t have the luxury of a big party tent, then a boxed lunch is weather resistant on its own.

Corporate catering in Philadelphia

The next time you are hosting an outdoor company retreat or corporate event, talk to us about our boxed lunch catering option. You can go with classic lunch options, or you can think outside the box to put something unexpected and delicious inside the lunch box.

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