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Everyone loves to go to a BBQ. However, when you’re hosting a BBQ, you sometimes miss the entire party preparing food on the grill. It’s not fair that you have to choose between great BBQ food and spending time with your guests. Well, if you want to have the best of both worlds, cater your next BBQ. Leave the grilling to DiAntonio’s and enjoy great food and great company.

BBQ catering

Sweet chili chicken

BBQ catering

Sometimes, people tend to simplify their BBQ menu so that they might find time to both grill and socialize. However, even a simple hot dog can explode if you aren’t paying attention. Chicken is incredibly easy to overcook. Nothing will ruin a summer BBQ faster than dried chicken. Plus, you’ll want to have to have some veggie BBQ options. That means timing the delicate veggies right so that they are done at the same time as the meat. When you’re juggling several meat and veggies on the grill, you don’t have a lot of time for everything else. BBQ catering allows you to step out from behind the grill and join your guests.

More adventurous BBQ menu

When you cater a BBQ you can get a lot more adventurous with your menu. You don’t have to dumb down your BBQ just because you aren’t a master chef or you don’t want to miss out on the festivities. When you cater a BBQ, you still get to be in charge of the menu. You can pick off of our menu, or you can work with a chef to customize your BBQ catering menu.

BBQ catering menu

BBQ catering in Philadelphia

Our turtle brownies are to die for!!

We’ll help you put together the perfect BBQ menu for your next BBQ. Just because you have your BBQ catered doesn’t mean that you have to get fancy with the menu. There’s nothing wrong with just having a classic BBQ menu like juicy ribs, marinated chicken, perfectly grilled veggies, sliders, hot dogs, and steaks. No BBQ is complete without chips and dip. Our clients love our guacamole for every occasion. Our guacamole is one of the most popular items on our menu, probably because we make our guacamole fresh every day using the best ingredients, often locally sourced from local farmers.

Don’t forget to top it all off with our sinfully delicious turtle brownies and chocolate chip cookies.

Philadelphia Catering

If you’ve got a BBQ in the Philadelphia and Bucks County areas, let DiAntonio’s be in charge of the cooking. By catering your next BBQ, you can make this BBQ the most memorable of the season.