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Gourmet wedding buffet

Gourmet wedding buffet with delicious food from around the world.

When you’re catering an intimate wedding reception for 400 people, you need your reception buffet to be elegant, plentiful, delicious, and appetizing to everyone. Even if you’re going for a more casual wedding theme, when 400 guests crowd the reception hall, hungry and thirsty, you want your catering service to be set up, ready to serve, dressed appropriately, and helping to create a magical, romantic, and unforgettable wedding.

Catering for a large wedding party

With 400 people in attendance, you’re going to have to represent every palate in the room. Some will tell you that you can’t please everyone, but they just lack imagination. When our chefs sat down to create a wedding reception menu for hundreds of people, they didn’t try to limit their menu, they expanded it, turning this buffet into a “round the world” theme, with flavors from every continent.

From the Americas

Wedding buffet for large wedding parties

Gourmet Italian subs and sandwiches made with fresh bread and premium deli meats.

From Mexico, we can set up a little “make your own taco” station. Moving a bit further north to the USA, we’ve got classic sliders and homemade margarita pizza.

From Europe

Pizza stretches across continents, from North America to Europe. As our name may imply, we are partial to the Italian delicacies so that it wouldn’t be a DiAntonio’s buffet table without gourmet Italian subs and sandwiches made with fresh bread and premium meats and cheeses.

We’ve also got classic Italian meatballs, and sausage and peppers, so delicious you’ll think we kidnapped your grandmother.

From Asia

Moving further east, we’ll start to infuse your buffet with Mediterranean delicacies like hummus, fresh baked pita bread, vegetarian stuffed grape leaves, tabbouleh, and baba ganoush.

Wedding catering in Philadelphia

Our around-the-world wedding buffet wouldn’t be complete without lo-mein chopsticks and authentic dumplings.

Heading a bit further east, we’ve got easy to grab, easy to eat, not muss no fuss, chow mein on a chopstick, along with juicy and delicious dumplings.

Gourmet wedding catering in Philadelphia

DiAntonio’s is a gourmet catering company located in Philadelphia. No event is too big or too small for our professional chefs and servers. We serve the Philadelphia area, as well as Bucks County.