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When it comes to cooking, the team at DiAntonio’s does it right. Our team has spent years learning to perfect crafted recipes and make each and every meal that we work on unique. Something that makes us different from other catering businesses is that we pride ourselves on using fresh and local ingredients in every dish that we cook. It may seem like a small touch, but it’s an incredible one. There are so many advantages to cooking with fresh ingredients and we’re going to cover them with you today.

Health Advantage

For years our nation has been consumed with eating what was healthiest. We’ve seen this trend go from choosing products with the word “diet” in them to avoiding fast food, to avoiding processed food, to avoiding gluten, dairy, sugars and a plethora of other things. While some of these stuck around for longer periods than others, people are quickly realizing that none of these necessarily make a diet healthy. What many are realizing is that the local and fresh produce, dairy and meat that are found within their own town are actually what is providing them with the healthiest diet.

There’s something about food that is chemical free and naturally grown and raised that makes it so much better for your body, and the reasons are that it’s natural and fresh.

Seasonal Touch

Every season brings on various types of produce, and that’s something that makes growing and enjoying produce so fantastic. While you can always head to the grocery store and enjoy produce from some part of the country where the produce you’re purchasing is in season, it’s simply not the same as enjoying it when it is in season in your own town.

Because we focus on using fresh ingredients at DiAntonio’s Catering, we are able to enjoy dishes and foods that make the most of the ingredients that we have access to. That may not seem like a benefit but the reality is that it opens us up to a whole new level of creativity with the dishes that we’re serving and the reactions that we get to enjoy.

If you’re hosting an event in a particular season and are hoping to play to the feel of the season, the fact that we use fresh ingredients for our dishes will leave your guests in awe. The dishes created with fresh seasonal foods are absolutely incredible and so unique.


There is absolutely no doubt about it, meals that are prepared with fresh ingredients taste so much better. While we’d love to say that we’re just making it up, we aren’t! When ingredients are able to grow on their own time, and we use them immediately, the bold flavor of the ingredient is used at it’s prime. In doing so we are able to provide you and your guests with meals that have exploding flavors that will absolutely leave a lasting impression.

What makes it even more special is that our recipes are our own, so they are already unique in that they each have their own special touch to them. When you combine that with fresh, incredible ingredients, you are in for the meal of a lifetime.

Aside from the benefits that we’ve listed above, buying fresh ingredients from a local vendor puts money right back into the location that we’re working in. There’s nothing better than helping individuals who are seeking their passion that way that we seek ours! Even when we’re not cooking for our customers we are relying on the fresh produce of local farmers to provide us and our families with the best ingredients around. Trust us when we say that fresh produce and ingredients are our special secret.

Whatever event it is that you’re planning, you can count on DiAntonio’s Catering to take care of you. We are so incredibly passionate about the ability to cook delicious meals and to do be a part of your special day that we take the time necessary to cross all of the T’s and dot all of the I’s. Call us today and we can set up a time to sit down and talk about your event, what you’ve envisioned for the meal and the items that will be served.