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Corporate catering for creative thinking

We know how important good nutrition is for a healthy body, but the right foods can also aid in a healthy mind. At your next brainstorming meeting or corporate event, make sure your catering will boost your brain function and keep those creative juices flowing.

Brain boosting catering for the office

Add blueberries to your breakfast buffet and give your brain some food for thought.

Food for thought

Feeding the mind isn’t just an expression. With a little creative planning, your next catering menu could literally be food for thought, helping your employees (and you) stay sharp to be able to think outside the box, be innovative, and stay one step ahead of the competition. With the right ingredients, your team and your business can be on the cutting edge of your industry.

Go with your gut

Planning, research, education and more research are the cornerstones of a great business model. However, when it comes to creativity and innovation, and when it comes to thinking outside the box and taking a chance on new ideas, sometimes the decision comes down to listening to your gut, even if it contradicts the research. There’s a reason that we say to “go with your gut.” Your gut is a big part of regulating inflammation and your immune system, and your gut also has a big influence on your brain’s ability to function.

Brain candy

Foods that are good for the gut are high in antioxidants, Omega-3, healthy fats, vitamins, and minerals that will help keep your gut healthy so that it can properly regulate inflammation and the immune system. Plus, hormones that are released by the gut also play a huge role in processing new information, memory consolidation, learning new skills, creative thinking, and staying focused.

Brain boosting corporate catering in Philadelphia

Fresh salads with leafy vegetables, beets, and walnuts are the perfect brain-boosting lunch item.

The next time you need to boost the brainpower of your team for a day of creative thinking and brainstorming, be sure to add brain foods to your catering menu.

  • Breakfast Catering – Blueberries, eggs, and salmon are great brain choices for a breakfast buffet
  • Lunch Catering – Fresh salads and veggie trays that include plenty of leafy green veggies, beets, avocados, and walnuts
  • Dinner Catering – Hearty soups made with brain-boosting bone broth and some dark chocolate to top off each meal

Office catering in Philadelphia and Bucks County

DiAntonio’s understands that once you get the creative juices flowing, you don’t want to break up the momentum. We prepare fresh custom catering menus for corporate meetings, and we’ll set up and breakdown without disrupting the flow of your meeting. 

Catering with DiAntonio’s is delicious and hassle-free.