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Catering is a service that has been around for years, and while it’s one of the best choices that a person can make, there are so many times where people choose to cook on their own rather than investing in a professional caterer for the event.

While it may seem like you’re saving money by cooking on your own, there are a few events where the money that you save is not worth the amount that you stress on the planning. DiAntonio’s Catering is well known for the high-quality services that they provide when working an event. We’ve been lucky enough to work quite a few events where we have seen the cost of catering trumping the stress levels. Today we’re going to talk about a few events where investing in a caterer will be the better choice of the two.

Corporate Events

When you’re planning an event for the individuals that you employ, you are not only creating an event for them to enjoy, but you are creating an event that represents you and your brand. It may not seem like a lot of stress would play into this, but once you start adding up numbers and recognizing the many small pieces that play a part in planning a corporate event, you’ll understand why working with a caterer makes the most sense. Something else to consider is the size of your company; the bigger the company, the larger the stress load.

Big Parties

From graduation parties to wedding rehearsals, the day is intended for celebration. This is another event where you are going to want to make a good impression on those that you’ve invited but also have an incredible time. When you’re stressing about the food, if it’s ready and who’s going to serve it, you simply are not enjoying the event that you just spent so much time planning. Rather than let your focus on food and all of the other small details take away from the event, let our team of professionals handle the food and you can handle the fun.


If you are a business or an individual that visits locations and gives talks or presentations to a group of people, having food readily available is a fantastic touch. Whether you’re a motivational speaker or an insurance professional, having people come and learn about whatever it may be that you’re talking about can easily be improved with the help of some catering. If you work in advance with the hosting location of the event, we can ensure that we have what we need to get set up and make the absolute most of your presentation. Again, the event may not seem like more than just a simple presentation, but this is a time where you’re representing your brand and your services.

Family Reunions

If you’ve got a big family and you are in charge of planning the next family reunion, save yourself the stress of figuring out how to determine who brought what to the pot luck. Are you surprised that we read your mind? Potlucks are the most common answer to solving an expensive gathering. Unfortunately, these types of plans, especially with a family reunion, can become messy, unorganized and leave with you quite a few leftovers. Forget all of this stress and simply work with our team of professional caterers to create an affordable menu that will leave your family speechless.

If there’s an event that you’re hosting, you can count on catering being the touch that takes it over the top. We understand the importance of every event that is hosted, and we love being a part of them. Trust us, if you can dream it, we can work through it with you to ensure that it does nothing but add to your event.

DiAntonio’s Catering is well known for having homemade recipes and high-quality ingredients. We do our best to work with you on creating a custom menu that you feel comfortable with. Call our office today and we will schedule a time where we can sit down with you and work through the items that you’d like to have served and the event itself!

If you’re thinking you’ll regret it, you won’t, so call our team today!