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We know the main focus of a great conference are the speakers, workshops, and presentations. However, all of that learning, listening, and networking builds up quite an appetite. There’s nothing more disappointing than showing up to lunch or dinner and getting the same old chicken, beef, or vegetarian option. Make your next conference a hit on all fronts and spend a little more time customizing an exciting, energizing, and delicious menu for the attendees.

Coference catering in Philadelphia

Keep the energy up at your conference with fun finger foods and snacks throughout the event.

Keep the snacks flowing

Don’t just focus on one big lunch or dinner. Make sure there’s always something that’s easy to grab, easy to eat, healthy, delicious, and fun. Snacking will keep everyone’s blood sugar from getting too low. Using ingredients that are light and refreshing will keep the energy up for the entire conference. Plus, there’s an extra chance for mingling and networking while nibbling on tasty appetizers and finger foods.

Bring seasonal and local flavors

Corporate catering in Philadelphia

Customize your conference menu to be fun, exciting, delicious, and stimulating.

Try to excite the palate with each dish that you serve. Using locally grown and seasonal ingredients will ensure maximum flavor. Stay true to your local culture and bring in some dishes that are native to your town. We make an awesome and authentic Philly Cheesesteak, and we use fresh, locally sourced ingredients and fresh bread from local bakeries. Using fresh and local ingredients will also increase the health and nutritional value of each meal, working to keep your attendees energized, motivated, inspired, and ready to go for another few hours of conference activities.

Sweet and savory dishes

You won’t get a plate of stale cookies when you get your catering from DiAntonio’s’. We make everything from scratch and everything to order for each client. Our chocolate chip cookies are to die for, and so are our brownies. We can also provide a large selection of cakes and desserts from local bakeries. Of course, there’s our own award-winning deep fried cheesecake.

Cater desserts to Philadelphia office party

Give your conference attendees a little sugar boost in the afternoon.

Not everyone is a sweet tooth, so get an assortment of specialty cheeses and artisan crackers for those that want a little savory snack to finish off the day.

Catering for your next Philadelphia conference

DiAntonio’s can help you customize an exciting and refreshing menu for your next conference. Great food will make any event special. Let DiAntonio’s take care of your attendees with sophisticated, fresh, seasonal, “home cooked,” and local cuisine prepared by professional chefs and served by a professional staff.

Plan your next conference menu with DiAntonio’s.