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The average person will spend over 40 hours a week, for more than half of their life, at their job. It’s such a necessity that the only option we really have is to make the best of it and befriend the people that we call co workers. As the event planner or boss of the place, the one thing that you can do for your employees is making sure that they feel appreciated, and one of the best ways to do so is through corporate events that you’ve put some thought into.

For some, corporate events can feel like a requirement or a drag. While that can be the case, you have the power to make the event that you’re planning everything that you want and more. And it all starts with catering.

DiAntonio’s Catering is known for our delectable catering and the high-quality ingredients that we include in all of our homemade recipes, which is what makes us such an intriguing and noteworthy company to work with when you’ve got a corporate event to cater for.

Today we are going to talk about a few of the events that corporate companies should consider investing in a professional catering service for.

Holiday Parties

It doesn’t necessarily matter what type of business it is that you’re running, a holiday party is always in the works. This is a time where people can get to know each other better, unwind from the stress of the day to day work life, and enjoy the culture of the company. While these parties are pretty easy to enjoy regardless of the theme, the weather or the people that end up being there, a touch of good food really can make or break the event.

Make sure that the event is something that your employees will remember for years to come by having high-quality food with the help of our custom catering menu!

Events with Speakers

There are quite a few companies that are lucky enough to host events with incredible speakers, for their employees. These events can include time sitting at tables or desks, but there are also times where these events can lead to networking and small talk in an area. Regardless of the setup, delicious food is definitely something that you’re going to want to invest in.

Not only will you want your employees to enjoy their time at the event, but you’re going to want to make sure that any speaker that comes to your event also enjoys some tasty food and has a wonderful experience to tie back to your event. Whether you choose a full blown meal or a wide selection of appetizers, or maybe even just dessert, we will ensure that your event is one to remember!

There are plenty of other opportunities that you can enjoy our delicious food at your office, and we’ll touch on a few others in our next blog post, so make sure that you keep up with our posts to see what opportunities you could be missing out on within your own company.

Corporate catering is something that we specialize in here at DiAntonio’s Catering. Call our office today and we’ll take care of your custom menu for your next big event.