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Good food is good business

Cafeteria catering in Philadelphia

Cafeteria catering is one of our specialties. Talk to us about catering to your Philadelphia cafeteria.

The biggest reason that people give for not eating a balanced diet, or seeking out the best ingredients for nutritional and healthy meals, is that they just don’t have time. Where our food choices suffer the most is during work. When we’re concentrating, jumping from meeting to meeting, and stressing about looming deadlines, we forget about good food. We’re just happy we take the time to eat at all, so we tend to go for the quick meal, the so-called “fast food.” Fast food is typically not the most balanced meal. If we don’t give ourselves the fuel we need to stay sharp, creative, focused, and happy, our work is eventually going to suffer. For companies that want to get the best out of their employees, nutritional cafeteria catering is the way to go.

Let us take over your company cafeteria

We’ve been immersed in the Philadelphia food scene and would love to bring our catering to your Philadelphia cafeteria. We’ll take care of your and your employees with three balanced meals a day, plus a little dessert, starting with a healthy breakfast and finishing with our famous brownies.

Fresh and seasonal cafeteria catering

We keep it fresh and seasonal, making sure that all ingredients carry the highest nutritional value. However, eating a balanced diet doesn’t mean anything if the flavors aren’t good. We make sure every dish is bursting with flavor, and since we’re foodies, we cook every type of cuisine authentically.

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner cafeteria catering

Cafeteria catering in Philadelphia

We can accommodate every type of cuisine and diet, like our vegetarian portobello mushrooms stuffed with tomatoes, mozzarella, and fresh basil.

The days of the 9-5 work day is over. These days, someone is always at the office from early mornings to late in the evening. We’ll cater breakfast, lunch, and dinner to your company cafeteria. If you’re working odd hours, we’ll make sure you have something that is good (and good for you) to eat.

Home cooked cafeteria catering

We’re a family-run catering business that serves the greater Philadelphia area and Bucks County. We’re the closest thing you can come to having three home cooked meals at your company cafeteria. Home cooked meals at work are the ultimate way to help balance work and life, and your employees will thank you for it!

Talk to us about bringing out fresh, flavorful home cooking to your company cafeteria.