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There are many benefits to eating fresh and seasonal foods, but the biggest reason for us, since food is our passion, is that fresh seasonal ingredients just taste better.

When you’re eating fresh, you’re also eating seasonally. That means that your foods aren’t manipulated and or frozen so that big grocery chains can keep every food on the shelves all year long. When you eat fresh, you are ensuring that the meat, fruit, or veggie is packed with all of its original flavors. When you rush your ingredients, the consequences are diminished flavors, as well as diminished nutritional value.

Catering with seasonal ingredients in Philadelphia

A Philly carrot is going to taste the best during their natural harvest season July through December.

Fresh ingredients have the most flavor

Eating local will also ensure the most flavor. Think about the last time you took a little road trip. You may have showered and put on clean clothes before the journey begins, but once you reach your destination, you lack some of your glamor, and your energy has been depleted from hours of sitting and driving. The same is true for food. By the time your foods have been packaged and shipped across the country, across the world, that food just isn’t going to be the same as it was when it was first harvested.

You are also doing your part to protect the environment. Buying locally reduces the carbon emission caused by packaging and transportation.

Seasonal catering in Philadelphia

Buy farm fresh and seasonal lettuce at Philly farmers markets mid-April through mid-December.

Deprivation increases flavor

There are legitimate reasons for fresh local foods to taste better, but there is also a psychological factor that comes with being deprived certain foods in the off season. Absence makes your taste buds grow stronger! It’s like eating a piece of chocolate after you’ve completed a diet or a cleanse. It’s the best piece of chocolate you’ve ever tasted! You’ll get the same effect by eating with the seasons.

Locally sourced meats taste better

Meats sourced locally also packs the most flavor. Packaging, freezing, and transportation sucks the juices out of your meats, weakening the flavor and the texture. Plus, locally sourced meats usually ensure better standards of living for the animals that you are eating. A steak from an organic, local, free-range farm will both feel and taste good.

Farm fresh organic catering services Philadelphia

Locally sourced meats will taste better and ensure ethical treatment of the animals.

Catering made from local Philadelphia farms

We work with local Philadelphia farms to ensure our ingredients are fresh, seasonal, and packed with the most flavor. Our dishes are made from scratch so that you can understand each ingredient. Talk to us about catering your next event, luncheon, dinner, or wedding.