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Nearly every savory dish calls for some amount of garlic. It’s delicious, and when handled right, can add just the right amount of flavor to most dishes. And, who doesn’t love garlic bread! We’re Italian, and even though we cook all types of cuisines, garlic runs in our blood and it hurt our hearts when people give garlic such a bad rap.

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Roasted garlic is a great way to elevate the flavor of seasonal, farm fresh veggies.

We’re heading into the season of love and romance and fairytale weddings. You know who is rarely invited to a wedding? Garlic. If there’s one thing we know about garlic, it is that it is not a romantic flavor (or smell), and weddings should give all guests the promise of a chance to find romance. This is why many opt for a garlic-free menu. We know you’re just looking out for your guests, helping them find the same everlasting love that you have, but eliminating all garlic from our menu is too drastic.

Don’t be afraid to add garlic to your wedding menu

The truth is, you just need to know how to handle garlic, know how to use it to enhance a dish, not overpower it. Unless you have garlic fries on your wedding menu (hey, it could happen, we’re not judging), then garlic shouldn’t be the star of the show, but it should be given a small cameo.

Of course, if you’re looking to ward off the grooms tipsy inappropriate aunt or uncle that keeps chasing you around the dance floor, getting your hands on a raw clove of garlic, releasing the strongest, spiciest, most pungent garlic flavor, may steer them towards another unsuspecting wedding guest.

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Gourmet soups are nothing without a little garlic. But, don’t worry, you and your guests won’t even know it’s there.

Or, you can trust your caterer to know how to handle garlic to release the best, most wedding appropriate flavor. Roasted garlic, for instance, has a sweet, nutty flavor, making it perfect for a medley of seasonal veggies, any pork dish, or an earthy mushroom risotto.

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We work with fresh ingredients every day. Everything is made from scratch, so we know exactly where to add a little garlic for enhanced flavor, but keep it subtle enough so that your guests still have a chance to find a little love of their own.