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Backyard BBQ catering in Philadelphia

Vegetarian catering for Philly BBQ

Add something special for the vegetarians at your next backyard BBQ event.

When you’re throwing a backyard BBQ, typically, the host spends the entire party tending to the BBQ and very little time enjoying the actual party. For your next backyard party, have your BBQ catered by DiAntonio’s. We’ll show up with a beautiful buffet of classic BBQ foods so you can spend time with your guests, not sweating over the grill.

Elevating classic BBQ dishes

Of course, we won’t just show up with a few burgers and some side salads. We love to cook, so even the simplest dishes are going to be elevated. We cook gourmet comfort foods. You can still eat it with your hands, but the flavors and the ingredients are going to be the best of the season.

Fresh bread

Everything is made fresh from scratch every day for each client. Your burger and hot dog buns are going to be fresh from the oven. If it isn’t made fresh in our kitchen, you can be sure that the ingredients were sourced from local vendors and farmers. Quality ingredients are the key to our cuisine, ensuring the best flavors and the most nutrition.

Gourmet burgers and hotdogs

Catering a BBQ in Philadelphia

Have all the classic BBQ dishes catered by DiAntonio’s so you can enjoy your party.

We don’t just stop at using the best ingredients; we try to elevate each dish to make it just a bit more interesting than what you would have cooked for yourself. After all, what’s the point of having your BBQ catered if you’re going to get foods you could have created? When you have professional chefs and servers preparing your foods, you can make everything a little more special, like adding a few strips of bacon and a perfectly cooked sunny side up egg on your burger. Instead of the typical sausage hot dog, why not bring in a seafood dog to surprise your guests?

Catering in Philadelphia

Take the stress out of cooking the perfect piece of meat on the grill by letting DiAntonio’s cater your next backyard BBQ. We’ll bring all the classic dishes you expect from a BBQ using the high-quality ingredients and adding a few special twists to each dish. You and your guests will love it!