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Every business has times of high stress. Stress is almost unavoidable, but how you handle stress can make a big difference in the success of your business. Besides being organized and doing a lot of yoga, the right foods can help you deal with stress. However, when it comes to business, you don’t always have time to run out and grab a healthy, nutritious meal. So, when it’s crunch time at the office, let us cater fresh, seasonal, healthy, and delicious food that will help everyone handle office stress.

Reducing office stress with catering

Blueberries and yogurt are both delicious and stress reducing.

Stress can play tricks on your body

Times of high stress can have a physical reaction on your body. Because of stress, adrenaline and cortisol are running rampant through your body. Although the initial sensation gives you a boost of much-needed energy, it can also increase your heart rate and blood pressure. Cortisol increases your glucose levels and slows down digestion. Together, the two can affect your body and your brain – two very important things when you have to focus, work hard, and accomplish goals, and meet deadlines.

Avoid fats and salt

When you want to stay sharp, both physically and mentally, you want to avoid foods that will slow you down, reduce your energy, and make you feel uncomfortable. Stress eating often leads to poor choices, and we reach for quick foods that are high in calories, fat, and salt. These foods are poor in nutrition and won’t give you the mental and physical boost you so desperately need. Although they may satiate you immediately, because they don’t have a lot of fuel for your body, you’ll quickly feel like you are hungry again. This leads to reaching for more bad food, continuing the cycle of poor nutrition.

High caloric and fatty foods will make you feel bloated, tired, and uncomfortable when you really want food that will make you feel energized, refreshed, focused, and sharp.

Food for stress

Food that help you deal with office stress

Dark chocolate is the most delicious anti-anxiety drug known to man.

Yogurt, kefir, leafy greens, dark berries, and nuts are foods that will support a healthy gut and digestive system. A healthy gut will help reduce stress and anxiety. 

Chocolate is the sweetest anti-anxiety drug

Don’t worry; you won’t have to just eat veggies. Dark chocolate has anxiety relieving properties, making this the best non-prescription anti-anxiety drug known to man. 

Corporate and office catering

DiAntonio’s makes all dishes from scratch. We use fresh seasonal ingredients so that all of your catering is filled with delicious essential vitamins and minerals. We make sure that your employees have healthy foods and snacks available so that they can help you grow your business.

We’ll cater to the greater Philadelphia area and Bucks County.