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A great meal begins and ends with the ingredients used. With all the incredible local Philly farms, it is no wonder that we are known for creating mouthwatering dishes for every event.

Be inspired by the seasons when planning a menu

Great chefs are inspired by their ingredients, and nothing is more inspiring than seasonal fruits and veggies. Each season brings a reunion with all new ingredients. This May, we are looking forward to seeing our good friend, Arugula.

Farm fresh gourmet catering in Philadelphia

Of course, Arugula can be produced year round in greenhouses and climate controlled locations, but the peak season for this flavorful green is May-June. If you want the purest punch of peppery Arugula, keep your eyes peeled at your local farmer’s markets as baskets of fresh, organic arugula is bound to be making an appearance soon, if it hasn’t already.

Gourmet catering in Philadelphia

Spice up your breakfast with a little farm fresh seasonal arugula.

Seasonal foods have more flavor

As with anything that is fresh and seasonal, the flavor is going to be more intense than the store-bought arugula that you might be used to eating. The mustard and peppery notes are going to be much more prominent, so a little goes a long way. And a little arugula can make an ordinary turkey sandwich bursting with flavor that will light up and titillate your senses.

There’s the obvious way of using arugula, like adding it to a sandwich or a salad. But, try using a little arugula instead of spinach in lasagna, omelets, or use a little in your soups. Be sure never to overcook arugula, if you need to cook it at all. If you’re going to use it to spice up a bowl of pasta, simply toss it in towards the end and let the heat from the pasta “cook” the arugula. You don’t want it to wilt, losing its crunch, or making it slimy. Simply washing it, and then toss it into your dish right before serving. It’s will be a welcome surprise, making the simplest dish a conversation piece amongst your guests.

Arugula is also packed with antioxidants and vitamins. So, to sum up, it’s fresh, seasonal, flavorful, AND it’s good for you!

Gourmet catering service in Philadelphia

Spice up a classic turkey sandwich with fresh, seasonal arugula.

Gourmet, farm fresh, seasonal catering service in Philadelphia

Just say the word, and we’ll be happy to incorporate arugula and many other fresh, seasonal flavors into your menu. We’re proud to work with local Philly farms to create the most luscious catering menu for our Philly customers, from intimate luncheons, large corporate events, and weddings.