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When summer rolls around, there’s nothing more glorious than a daytime party, and summertime has no shortage of reasons to celebrate. However, when you throw a party outdoors in the summer sun, you better make sure you have the right equipment to keep your buffet cool. Nothing ruins a great summer party quicker than spoiled food or sweaty cheese plates.

The right temperature for outdoor buffet food

Deviled eggs should be kept below 40 degrees to remain safe and fresh.

Keeping food at the right temperature

Planning a summer party has its challenges. The biggest is making sure that you can keep all of your dishes at a safe temperature. If you’re having your summer party catered, make sure the catering company has the right equipment to keep your buffet food at the right temperature.

The danger zone for food

To keep your buffet food at a safe temperature, you have to make sure that you have the right equipment. For outdoor parties, that means a lot of trays filled with ice to place under your buffet dishes. Cold foods should be kept below 40 degrees, and hot foods should be kept above 90 degrees. Keeping food out of the temperature “danger zone” (between 40-90 degrees) will prevent your food from spoiling and causing a foodborne illness.

Keep your buffet looking and tasting fresh

Philadelphia outdoor catering services

We’ve got the right equipment to keep cold food cold and hot food hot for outdoor summer parties.

Making sure the food stays at the right temperature will also ensure that the food will stay fresh. Whether you’re having a daytime summer wedding or throwing a summer office picnic you always want the food to look good. We eat with our eyes first, so it’s important to keep the green salad crisp and the cheese plate looking fresh. No one is going to be raving about a hot, wilted salad at your party. You should certainly be careful about eating those deviled eggs if they have been sitting out in the sun.

Outdoor catering service in Philadelphia

Have your next outdoor summer party catered by DiAntonio’s. We make all our dishes fresh every day, and we have the equipment to set up your party buffet so that it stays fresh. Our hot food is always hot, and our cold food is always cold. Our attention to detail and exceptional customer service will make everyone rave about your next summer party.