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Nutrition shouldn’t compromise flavor

Healthy eating still has the reputation of being bland and boring. DiAntonio’s want to discredit this myth and give you a few tips on how to make healthy ingredients taste delicious.

The reason food – any food, not just healthy food – tastes bad is because it hasn’t been prepared properly. Of course, if you’re working with salts, fats, and sugars, then masking poor culinary skills is easier than if you’re working with organic kale, but making greens and veggies taste good isn’t rocket science.

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Experiment with herbs and spices to enhance the flavor of fresh, seasonal ingredients for healthy meals.

Make your veggies, grains, and proteins taste amazing without compromising nutrition

Healthy dishes don’t have to be simple or plain. You just have to buy your ingredients when they are fresh and seasonal. Fresh ingredients are packed with a lot more flavor than anything you can find in the frozen aisle, even the frozen veggies. Buying ingredients from local Philadelphia farms or farmers’ markets is the easiest way to find seasonal ingredients.

Next, you need to get comfortable using herbs, spices, and other seasonings to help enhance the flavor of your ingredients, not merely mask the flavor – garlic, onions, basil, oregano, mint, lemon, etc. Hitting the spice section at the grocery store can be an overwhelming experience, so start with the simple stuff, like adding fresh basil and mint to a green salad. You can also saute your veggies using a different flavored oil like sesame or avocado oil, or a flavorful broth.

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For added flavor and texture to any meal, add some nuts and seeds.

Nuts and seeds are a fantastic way to add texture, crunch, and flavor to any dish.

Food should be fun to eat and fun to make

If you’re not having fun preparing your meals, they’ll most likely turn out overcooked and underseasoned. The more you get to know your ingredients and the spices, the more you can experiment with mixing flavors and creating mouthwatering nutritional dishes.

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Adding a little garlic when you saute or roast your veggies is a great way to add flavor to a healthy dish without compromising nutrition.

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We make all of our dishes from scratch using fresh ingredients. We work with local Philadelphia farms to get seasonal products to create delicious catering menus for weddings, corporate events, private events, and cafeterias in Philadelphia and beyond.

Talk to our executive chef about customizing a catering menu for your next event.