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Spring is in the Air!

It is beginning to approach that time of year again, spring time! With day light savings time happening Sunday, March 13th, there are many things that start to change along with the weather. It is time to spring forward in Philadelphia! As the seasons begin to change many new events and parties start to commence. From wedding planning to spring and summer events, many events are starting to be planned and created. Let us help you with this change and with the events yet to come this season.

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While this can be an exciting time of the year, there can also be many things to plan and do to prepare. Here are some tips to help you know where to start when planning your events this season.

Start planning early: The earlier you start planning the more time you have to think thru every detail that you want at your event or wedding. This also leaves time to not only find the best venue, caterer, or guest list, but starting early can give you time to fix any problems that may occur. It is better to have the time to fix them, instead of stressing and cutting down to the wire.

Write it all out: Write out all your plans and details step by step. Doing this will allow you to see what all you have and what else you may need to figure out before then. Having a visual outline of what you have will help you stay organized and give you peace of mind knowing that you have all the bases covered.

Make a plan: As you are writing out all the details, plan and divide jobs and tasks to get all you needed more efficiently. Separating certain tasks to one person or a group of people allows each person to focus on their goals and make sure every detail is thought of.

Put the word out: Start sharing your event details or your save the dates. The sooner you get these out the more likely it is to have all your guests there. This allows them to put your event on their calendar before it becomes filled with other events and parties.

diantonios catering logo 1000x300As you start to plan all of this consider DiAntonios for all your catering needs in Philadelphia. Wedding planning, cooperate events, or any other event planning, we cover it all! With 25 years of business we are here to help you along the way.