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Sometimes, we get so caught up in the latest culinary trends that we forget about the simple and delicious pleasures in life, like an elegant crudité platter, more casually referred to as a veggie platter.

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Crudité platters are perfect for cocktail hour.

The beauty of a veggie platter

Call it veggies and dip and no one gives it a second thought, but call it a crudité platter and all of a sudden this classic becomes a culinary work of art – and it should be! Don’t underestimate the skill and time it takes to put together a crudité platter that becomes the centerpiece on your buffet table and the go-to platter at any corporate or private cocktail party.

We’ve seen many cocktail parties where there is an array of fancy hors d’oeuvres being floated around the party. Everyone may rave about the crab cakes, but if you look around, you’ll notice that the veggie platter you threw in as an afterthought is actually just as popular as the rest of the foods. In fact, many of your guests will gravitate towards the fresh, colorful, and healthy assortment of organic, local, and seasonal veggies, and pass over the carb-heavy canapes.

Nothing is more beautiful and colorful that an artistically put together platter of vegetables. With skilled hands, a veggie platter of baby carrots, celery, and peppers can become an eye-catching arrangement. The plating and the treatment of each vegetable create a delicious, eye-catching display of crispy, crunchy veggies.

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Fresh veggies artistically displayed on a platter can be the hero of any cocktail party.

Perhaps the best part about crudités at your party is the lack of mess they are likely to create. You won’t have veggie crumbs on your new outfit, you won’t get greasy fingers, and veggies are easy to grab and easy to eat.

The worst thing that could happen to a crudité platter is someone double dipping, or having a piece of carrot stuck in your teeth when you flirt with that hottie from Accounting. However, these are minor details that could happen with any type of food and shouldn’t affect the way you feel about the crudité platter.

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