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Next time you are catering your corporate lunches, parties, events, and weddings, talk to us about creating a menu that is following the latest culinary trend: minimizing waste.

Minimize food waste

We buy fresh, seasonal, and local for each client to minimize food waste.

Reducing food waste

We are incredibly wasteful as a society, especially when it comes to food. The culinary industry is moving toward changing our wasteful eating habits and creating dishes and menus that aim to minimize food waste. This means that we’re going to be seeing some new items on the menu, and you may also notice a difference when you hit the grocery stores.

In restaurants, top chefs are making it a culinary art to incorporate food onto the menu that would normally go to waste. That means working leftover foods from past services and creating delicious and appetizing dishes for the next day. Not leftover food from people’s dishes, but leftovers that were never cooked and served.

Don’t be scared to buy fruits and veggies that aren’t visually “perfect” 

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A great chef can make gourmet dishes out of any type of food, helping to reduce food waste.

We also need to be better at picking fruit that may look a little bruised or wrinkled. As long as it still tastes good, it doesn’t matter that your apple had a brown spot, or that your head of lettuce has a few wilted leaves. It’s true that we eat with our eyes first, but there’s no reason that a whole head of lettuce should go to waste just because of a few wilted leaves on the outside.

Our chefs are also extremely talented and creative, so we can work with you to put items on the menu. We can use fruits and veggies that haven’t been “fashionable” in the past, and so they’ve been overlooked by consumers and chefs and end up going to waste.

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At DiAntonio’s we buy local, fresh, and seasonal and we make our food to order every day for each of our clients. We try to utilize everything that we buy, minimizing food waste. We’re not afraid to buy fresh produce from local vendors, even if the product has a few physical flaws – and you will never know because the food we make for your catering order is going to look and taste like a million bucks.