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The wedding rehearsal party may seem a bit outdated. Unless you’re having some sort of three-day wedding á la “My Best Friend’s Wedding,” many people think that planning and paying for a wedding is about all they can handle. However, if you’re inviting hundreds of guests and you’ve meticulously choreographed the wedding ceremony, then a rehearsal party is not completely out of line. In fact, it may eliminate some stress. Anything that eliminates stress from the wedding day is a good thing, so let’s talk wedding rehearsal catering.

Plan a wedding rehearsal dinner

Make your rehearsal dinner light so that everyone can fit into their outfits the next day.

Rehearsing the wedding

Flower girls, your family dog as ring bearer, bridesmaids, groomsmen, and then, of course, the parents of the happy couple will all require a rehearsal the day before the wedding. It’s the last chance to make sure everything is going to go off without a hitch – except, of course, for the part where you get hitched, but we digress.

The rehearsal party is also a time for you and your partner to get together with your most immediate family and best friends to say thank you and have a little quality time. As much as you may want to, once you get to the wedding, you’re going to be so distracted by all the love and the speeches that you won’t get to spend time with each of your guests. So, the day before the wedding is a chance to get in some personal time with those you love the most.

Catering the rehearsal party

The food at the rehearsal doesn’t have to match the theme of the wedding. In fact, make it something completely different so that the wedding food is all the more special. We do have a few tips for your rehearsal menu.

Keep it light

Everyone needs to get up early and fit into their wedding clothes, so keep the rehearsal dinner light and fresh so you don’t wake up bloated and heavy.

Minimize the alcohol

Catering your rehearsal dinner in Philadelphia

Be sure to let your caterer know about any food allergies and restrictions.

A glass of champagne and a little wine never hurt anyone, but you want everyone to be clear-headed and energized for the wedding day, so think about limiting the alcohol at the rehearsal dinner.

Avoid food allergies

As always, be sure to talk to your caterer about any food restrictions and allergies. One person sitting out due to an allergic reaction can throw off the whole wedding.

Catering wedding rehearsal parties in Philadelphia and Bucks County

DiAntonio’s has catered big and small weddings throughout the Philadelphia area and Bucks County. Let us prepare the perfect rehearsal menu for you and your family. We work with fresh, seasonal ingredients, preparing each dish from scratch.

Customize your menu with one of our chefs.