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tasty breakfastEvent planning overwhelm

Sometimes when you set out to plan an event or party the details can seem easily attainable. However, as you start to work down your list there may be more steps involved than you originally thought. One example is the menu. As your event planning gets underway, you may consider buying the ingredients and making all the food and desserts yourself. While it’s possible, self-catering could be more challenging than you imagined.

When you think you may have “bitten off more than you can chew”!

Consider what is involved in event catering preparation. First, planning the cuisine, accommodating desires of the guests, and deciding how much food to make and buy. Then, you must purchase the food close enough to the event date to keep it fresh. Finally, you could find yourself up to your elbows in the preparation and cooking of the entrees of choice. Don’t forget the food preparation that is required the night before to keep everything fresh and healthy for your guests, not to mention the food preparation and service on the day of your event. This leaves less time for you to plan other details like décor or any other last minute preparations for your event.

Importance of choosing a caterer for your events How Can You Make Event Planning A Breeze? DiAntonio’s Can Help!

When you decide to hire a professional catering company like DiAntonio’s, your only work is to decide on a menu and determine how many guests you will have. We handle the rest! With our 25 years of experience, we have mastered the skill of creating foods that are not only delicious but fresh! We only use the freshest ingredients in everything we make, so you never have to worry about processed or unhealthy meals. Our goal is fresh, flavorful and always homemade.  We don’t fake freshness.

Let us take over all the menu planning and preparing for your next party. Worry less and party more!  Now with our online ordering system, you can do this quickly and efficiently all from your smartphone, or give us a call and we will help! You can even suggest another item than what we have on our menu and we will make it for you. We aim to be flexible so that we can meet all of your catering needs.