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There are many considerations when hiring a caterer. The most important are the food. But, the food that you choose depends on budget, location, type of event, buffet or sit-down, the number of guests, and time of day. But, there are two boxes many clients forget to check when hiring a caterer: how does the food taste, and what is included in the service?

Gourmet event catering in Philadelphia

This homemade red velvet cake looks scrumptious, but how does it taste? Ask for a tasting menu before you hire your catering service.

Hiring a gourmet caterer in Philadelphia

You get so wrapped up talking about the types of food that you want on your menu, including who is allergic to what, who is on a diet, etc. As you’re going over your options with a caterer, you’re probably clicking through photos of beautifully plated dishes, and past events that they have catered. In the end, you’re satisfied that everything looks and sounds delicious. But, what about taste? Does it also taste delicious? You won’t know until you’ve tried it, so be sure to ask the caterer if you can taste some samples. A professional caterer will be more than happy to oblige, and if they’re not, that’s a major red flag, and you should politely get off the phone and call someone else.

What is included in the catering package

Gourmet catering service in Philadelphia

Find out if your catering package also includes linens and tableware.

If after tasting the food you are still impressed there’s just one more question you need answers. Besides the food, what else is included in your service? Are they going to provide china, silverware, glassware, linens, etc. or do you have to hit a party rental store for that? On the other hand, if the venue you chose already has all of those things available, make sure you let your caterer know, so they don’t walk in with unnecessary items. If all you need is the food, make sure that is all they bring. No need to pay twice for linens and tableware if the venue already has everything you need. 

Gourmet event catering in Philadelphia

We’ve catered big and small events throughout Philadelphia using the freshest ingredients, making everything from scratch. We’ll be happy to help you customize a seasonal menu for your next corporate event, wedding, intimate luncheon, graduation, birthday, or anniversary party.