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The buffet or the plated sit-down dinner tends to get all the credit at weddings. However, there are other styles of service. When you plan your perfect wedding menu, consider these less-talked-about wedding service styles: food stations and family-style service.

Getting creative with your wedding catering

Alternative wedding food service styles

Don’t forget about the dessert food station.

The last thing you need when planning a wedding is more things to choose between. We understand that you’re stressed and it’s easy to simply choose a sit-down dinner service or a buffet. This is your special day, so don’t limit yourself. Catering is one of the major expenses in any style of wedding, so you should make sure that you are getting exactly what you want. When you sit down with your catering company, talk about all the styles of service that you can choose for your wedding.

Food station style wedding service

Instead of having one big buffet table, why not spread out the food in various food stations throughout the wedding location. Having food stations will also ensure that not all of your guests are lined up on one side of the room. Food stations will allow your guests to mingle about the whole space as they test all the various delicacies that your caterer has prepared. You can break up food stations with different cuisines from around the world, like Italian in one station, Mexican in another. You can have a hot food station and a cold food station. Of course, you need a dessert station.

When you have food stations, you’ll want to work with your caterer to come up with just a few small dishes for each station. If they aren’t bite-size, make them just a few bites so that your guests don’t fill up on one station before trying out the rest. You’ll need to make sure that your location is big enough to accommodate the various food stations.

Family style wedding catering in Philadelphia

Family style catering service for your wedding is a more casual alternative to a sit-down dinner.

Family style sit-down dinner

Instead of having a sit-down plated dinner where each guest is served a plate, talk to your catering company about creating a family style sit-down dinner. It’s a much more casual and interactive way of serving food. Large platters and dishes are placed in the center of each table, and your guests will eat like a family, passing the food around. The family style service is a mash-up of the formal plated dinner service and the casual buffet.

The one thing you have to consider for the family style dinner service is that you have big enough tables to hold the food and your guests.

Wedding catering in Philadelphia

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