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Gourmet corporate catering in Philadelphia

Gourmet comfort food, like our buffalo chicken pizza, will give your employees something to talk about.

When you are running a large corporation you sometimes lose touch with many of your employees. And, some of your employees may never have met each other. You get so wrapped up on our own tasks, dealing with just a small circle, that you forget about the other 500 people working in the same company. There’s nothing like a big summer bash to unite all of your employees and give them all a chance to mingle and connect with new teammates.

Getting your employees to mingle with new people

Of course, once you get all of your employees in once space, you need them to actually step outside of their comfort zone, outside of their circle of peers, and start to talk to new people. Before you know it, it’s like an 8th-grade dance all over, with everyone breaking into small groups of people they already know, everyone standing around the perimeter of the room staring at each other nervously.

Random seating assignments

Breaking up the usual clicks is easy. All you need to do is create some sort of random seating assignment so that every employee is going to be sitting (hopefully) around new people. Try just assigning each seat with a number, and then have your employees draw their number as they get to the party. This way there is no rhyme or reason, you leave it up to chance who you get to sit with.

Getting the conversation started with great food

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Your employees won’t be able to shut up about our grilled steak with farm fresh asparagus.

Next, you need a conversations starter. You need something to break the ice and give everyone something to which they can all relate. Great food is a universal language that can help engage your employees and get to know each other without too much awkward small talk and uncomfortable silences. Great food engages all of your senses. You can touch it, smell it, see it, taste it, and sometimes you can even hear it sizzle and crackle.

Corporate event catering in Philadelphia

We make mouth-watering gourmet dishes that can bring together even the most motley of crews. We work with local Philadelphia farms to ensure fresh and seasonal ingredients for maximum flavor in our savory and dessert dishes. Talk to our executive chef about customizing a menu for your next event. We promise it’ll be so good your employees won’t stop talking about it!