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There’s nothing like a gourmet catered breakfast to make all of your employees and clients show up on time. But, there’s nothing worse than a heavy, greasy breakfast to start the day, sucking out all of your creative juices. For your next breakfast meeting or event, talk to your caterer about customizing a fresh, energizing breakfast menu.

Fresh ingredients are healthier and more energizing

Breakfast meetings are supposed to leave you, your team, and your clients invigorated and excited for the future. You want to end the meeting overflowing with innovative ideas, bursting to continue to put those ideas to work, not feeling sluggish and tired, weighed down by pastries and pancakes. When a breakfast meeting is over, there’s still a full workday ahead of you, and you want your team to be at the top of their game.

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The most energizing breakfast should be fresh, seasonal, and balanced with protein, carbs, fruits, veggies, and healthy fats.

The surest way to get an energizing breakfast is to have items that are fresh and seasonal, not processed. You want to have a good balance of carbs, proteins, fruits, as well as fats. As with any meal, you want variety. Fats, carbs, and gluten aren’t necessarily bad for you, not when you get them from “real foods.”

Antioxidants need fat to be absorbed

And, don’t be afraid of adding fat to your breakfast. Some essential antioxidants that you are getting from your organic fruits and veggies need fat to grab on and be absorbed into our system where they can get to work fighting free radicals and keep us healthy and active.

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Get farm fresh and seasonal fruits as part of a balanced breakfast.

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We make all of our dishes from scratch and can add or subtract any ingredient you wish to create a balanced breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert menu. We work with local Philadelphia farms to ensure you get the freshest, most seasonal ingredients available for maximum flavor.

We look forward to catering your next event!