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There is a lot that goes into planning a big corporate summer party, from location to activities, to entertainment, transportation, etc. But, your employees will forgive you for a bumpy bus ride where the AC failed, what they won’t forgive you for are bad food and weak cocktails. If there’s one area where you can’t afford to drop the ball, it’s choosing the right menu.

If you have hundreds of employees, chances are you’re going to have every dietary restriction on the planet, as well as a few “health fads” causing everyone to break into hives at the site of a piece of homemade rustic bread. Vegetarians are going to be disappointed if all they can eat are the salads and the sides to the big beefy dishes. Pescetarians are going to be mad that you didn’t know what a pescetarian was and forgot to add fish to the menu. Vegans are just going to be mad. Just kidding. Vegans are people, too. And they deserve the same delicious food experience as everyone else.

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Lactose intolerance and nut allergies are not uncommon and should be accounted for when you are planning your next event menu.

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And, then there are all the food allergies. You were just adding more and more food to the menu to please all the restrictions mentioned above, and now you have to start taking away ingredients because people are allergic to shellfish, nuts, garlic, and those with honest to God celiac disease. No one said planning a menu was easy.

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It’s a good thing you reached out to DiAntonio’s. We’re well known in the Philly catering scene and have handled hundreds of corporate events of all sizes. We know our way around picky eaters, allergies, dietary restrictions, and dietary choices.

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Common food allergies, like shellfish, and can easily be taken into account when we plan our farm fresh event menu.

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Everything we make, we make from scratch. That means we know exactly what ingredients goes into each dish, and we can tailor our menu to suit every dietary requirement. Even a family of four can have different likes and dislikes, so whether you’re planning a menu for four people, or 400, the DiAntonio family is here to make sure everyone at your next event has something delicious to eat.