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Tips for planning a buffet for large groups of people

The larger the group of people, the harder it becomes to plan a catering menu that appeals to all palates, but with the right ingredients, the size of the party doesn’t matter; you just need to hire the right catering company for your next big Philadelphia event.

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We work with fresh seasonal ingredients to create mouth-watering dishes for all of our events.

Choose cohesive flavor combinations

The biggest mistake people make when catering to a large group is overloading the buffet table with too many dishes. You want to make just enough dishes to cover a variety of flavors, but you don’t want so many dishes that they don’t go together. You don’t want to overwhelm your guests with so many different flavor combinations that it all just becomes a big mess of flavors. 

With a buffet, your guests will take a little bit of everything. You want variety, but you want to decide on a flavor profile so that each little dish will complement the next. You want your buffet to be a cohesive spread of food worth Instagramming, not a food court at the mall.

At DiAntonio’s, we work with fresh ingredients, letting us combine flavors in a variety of dishes to make sure that there is a throughline with each dish. By overlapping ingredients and choosing key flavor components, we can create a cohesive buffet menu for big groups of people.

Creating a buffet menu for Philadelphia event

Make sure you add something savory and something sweet to your buffet menu.

Activate all of the senses

Use colors, smells, flavor, temperatures, and plating to make the buffet exciting to your guests. A great culinary experience should activate all of the senses. By working with seasonal ingredients, mostly sourced locally from Philadelphia farmers, we ensure the boldest flavors, the brightest colors, and the most nutritional ingredients.

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DiAntonio’s has been immersed in the Philadelphia catering scene for over 25 years. We take pride in creating each dish from scratch for each of our clients. We cater for large events and small personal gatherings. We make all types of cuisine authentically and with love.

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