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When you plan a big corporate event in Philadelphia, you need to plan everything to the last detail. That includes making sure that the catering is taken care of and that your catering company has all the logistics and details they need to help your event be a success.

Corporate event catering in Philadelphia

Chicken Saltimbocca topped with jumbo lump crab meat made from scratch by DiAntonio’s.

What’s the head count?

Hungry employees and clients are the last things you want at a corporate event. Corporate events are rarely RSVP, so you need to be generous when you talk to your caterer about the amount of food that needs to be prepared.

What’s your budget?

Once we know a good estimate of attendees, as well as your catering budget, we’ll be able to narrow down the selection of food that will suit your event. If you’ve got hundreds of guests coming to your event, you’re not going to want A Taste of Diamonds champagne and Beluga caviar.

Of course, if champagne and caviar are what you want, then we’ll help you create dishes with a gourmet feel while still sticking to your budget. We make all of our dishes from scratch so that the menu can be tailor-made for any occasion, any theme, and any location. Of course, we can accommodate any dietary restrictions.

What’s on the program…besides tasty treats?

Planning your corporate event menu

Fresh avocados coated in lime juice waiting to be turned into guacamole.

Corporate events will usually be broken up with speakers, music, games, or other festivities depending on why you are hosting an event. Let your catering company know the schedule of events so that we can plan the cooking, plating, and serving. Even if you have a buffet, you still want hot dishes to be fresh from the oven, and cold dishes to be fresh from the refrigerator.

Corporate event catering in Philadelphia

We are a Philadelphia-based catering company. We work with fresh ingredients to make the best tasting dishes for corporate events in Philadelphia and Bucks County. Whenever possible, we source our ingredients locally, supporting the planet and our community.

To plan your next corporate event menu, contact DiAntonio’s and you’ll sit down with our executive chef to plan the perfect menu.