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When you have a grownup party, the last thing you want is to miss all the fun because you’re in the kitchen. When you’re planning a kid’s party, you won’t have the luxury to leave the kids alone while you get more food out to the kids. Having your kid’s birthday party catered will allow you to give your undivided attention to the birthday boy or girl, as well as all of their tiny guests. DiAntonio’s can help you create a fun, kid-friendly catering menu for your next birthday party.

Philadelphia birthday catering

Kids will love our sliders and hot dogs, and the parents will love the quality of our ingredients.

Kid-friendly catering in Philadelphia

We love creating gourmet dishes for our clients, but we also do great kids’ classics with just as much enthusiasm and flavor. Just because the food is for kids doesn’t mean you have to skimp on quality or flavor. For your next kid’s birthday party, talk to us about creating a menu with kid favorites like hot dogs, sliders, and pizza.

Flavorful dishes for kid’s birthday party

All of our ingredients are made from scratch, whether it’s for a five-year-old or a 55-year-old. A burger is never just a burger when you get your catering from DiAntonio’s. We take pride in using the best, freshest, and (preferably) locally sourced ingredients. That means that even a simple slider is going to be high quality. Your kids will love it because it’s a burger, but the adults will love it because it is made from quality ingredients.

Kid’s cakes from local Philadelphia bakeries

When it comes to the sweets – and you can’t have a kid’s party without cakes and sweets – we make one awesome chocolate chip cookie and brownie tray. No kid has ever said “no” to our cookies, and adults won’t be able to stay away, either.

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No kid (or adult) has ever been disappointed with our homemade cookies and mini-dessert tray!

If you need fancy pastries or desserts, we work with several bakeries in Philadelphia who can bake exactly what you want.

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No party is too big or too small. We can create a delicious buffet for your next kid’s party, and we can also have some more “adult” choices for all the parents. No one goes hungry when you have your party catered by DiAntonio’s.

Talk to one of our chefs and let’s start planning your next birthday party menu.