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It’s your birthday, so you shouldn’t have to slave away in the kitchen or miss your party because you were making more onion dip. Plus, who eat onion dip anymore? Clearly, you need our help catering your birthday celebration.

Special event catering in Philadelphia

Birthday catering in Philadelphia

Our buttery, crispy breakfast torte is the best way to start your birthday celebration. Just ask #WHYYphiladelphia, who voted us best chef for this dish!

We begin by sitting down with you and talking about the birthday party. Are you going to be hosting the party at home, or have you chosen an alternate venue? Wherever you decide to celebrate your birthday, we’ll need to get an idea of how much space we have to work with, as well as how many people you are inviting.

Morning, afternoon, evening, or all-day catering

Some people like to get their birthday going as soon as they wake up. Others, go for the classic dinner-to-midnight birthday party. Others want the whole day. DiAntonio’s Catering is ready morning, noon, and night to serve your guests breakfast, brunch, lunch, appetizers, dinner, dessert, and a midnight snack.

Buffet or sit-down birthday catering

Breakfast, lunch, or dinner, you need to decide how you want your food to be served. A buffet allows for more mingling and a more casual party setting. People can come and go and eat as they please. Our staff will make sure the buffet table is stocked and looking good; no half-empty, sad food trays sitting around for hours.

Special event catering in Philadelphia

No birthday buffet is complete without our award-winning guacamole and pico de gallo.

A sit-down dinner is much more intimate. Our servers will make sure all of your guests are served professionally and promptly, so no guest is left staring at an empty plate while everyone else waits patiently as their food gets cold. The food will look, smell, and taste incredible.

Regardless of how the food it served, sitting down or standing up, our dishes are gourmet through and through. We can’t help it; we love cooking mouth-watering fresh food for our clients.

Gourmet catering for your birthday

We’ve been in the Philadelphia food industry since the mid-80s. We work with local vendors and farmers to get the best produce and meat selection. A dish is only as good as it’s ingredients, so we start our dishes off right by taking advantage of what each season has to offer. Local, seasonal products always have the most flavor, and your birthday deserves the best.

Gourmet party catering in Philadelphia

No one has ever been mad at our homemade dessert tray!

That being said, we can cook any cuisine. We take pride in cooking international cuisine authentically. If you don’t see it on our menu, just ask. It’s your birthday; why shouldn’t you get exactly what you want?

Philadelphia catering service

Choose DiAntonio’s to cater your birthday party or special event in Philadelphia or Bucks County.