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Catering a corporate event should be both delicious and hassle-free. You also want your food to be creative and exciting. Food should stimulate your employees and clients, spark conversation, and be worthy of a social media post or two.

Timing is everything at corporate events

Gourmet corporate event buffet in Philadelphia

Gourmet sandwich wraps made fresh and arranged beautifully on a rustic wooden tray.

Corporate events typically have a jam-packed agenda. Everything is planned down to the last detail, and one mistake could throw the whole event off schedule. Planning a corporate event can be a bit chaotic, but once the event takes place, hopefully, you’ll have planned everything so well that everything will run smoothly. Working with a professional catering company that will show up on time and won’t disrupt the flow plays a big part in making your event a success.

Tailoring your catering to your event

When you have your corporate event catered by DiAntonio’s, we’ll work with you to tailor the menu and our service to best suit the style of your event.


For an all-day event, you want to prepare food that will stimulate and satiate each of your attendees. With a buffet menu, we can create a multitude of delicious dishes all made fresh with locally sourced, seasonal ingredients.

Table service

For more formal events, you can arrange for table service. Our chefs and servers will make sure that your menu is prepared, plated, and served in a professional and timely manner. You can also create a farm-to-table experience where we arrange a gourmet buffet of delicious food right on the table so you can sit down and finish the day off like a family.

Gourmet corporate event catering service

Finish off your event with a family style dinner featuring gourmet dishes from your catering service.

Mix and match catering service

You can also have a buffet set up for your breakfast, lunch, and snacks. Once the work portion of your event is over, you can gather your team and your clients around the table for a sit-down dinner. We are here to work with you to make your corporate event hassle-free.

We know that reputation is everything, and we work hard to make sure that our catering service will reflect well on you and your business. Our food and our service are designed to impress on every level.

Nutritious and delicious corporate event catering

At DiAntonio’s, we take pride in each dish. We use fresh, seasonal ingredients to create dishes that are perfectly suited to your event. Each dish is made to maximize nutrition and flavor, and delight each client with creativity and impeccable customer service.

Customize a corporate event catering menu with a professional chef.