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Catering your next Philadelphia event or special occasion

The right catering service for your event

A gourmet buffet is perfect for large corporate events or weddings.

The type of food and the type of service you choose could make or break an event. If you’re going for a fun cocktail party, sitting down to a 12-course meal will throw off the vibe, and not every type of buffet is suitable for a big elegant wedding reception. Before you think about the food, think about the type of service that will best serve your next event.

Formal events and weddings

For weddings, client dinners, elegant dinners, fundraisers, gala dinners, and intimate events, having alternate table service with several courses being served throughout the evening will perfectly compliment the style of your event.

You can either plan a fixed menu for your guests or provide a few options for the main course. This type of service is most suited for formal events where your guests are seated for a majority of the evening.

Casual events and birthday parties

On the opposite end of the sit-down table service are the casual events like corporate luncheons and dinners, office parties, BBQs, birthday parties, and conferences. For the casual events, a buffet is your best choice.

Delicious foods, both hot and cold can be set up discreetly and out of the way so that you can incorporate other speeches, presentations, and other productive activities into your event.

Depending on the menu, guests, friends, staff, and clients can serve themselves as they please, or there will be servers stationed to help serve the dishes. Just because it’s a buffet doesn’t mean the food can’t be beautifully presented and elevated with fresh, seasonal flavors.

The not-too-formal, not-too-casual events and weddings

Gourmet catering service for weddings

For an intimate, but elegant, wedding, choose a family style gourmet buffet catering service.

For events that are special, but not black-tie, and for weddings that are elegant, but want to maintain a feeling of intimacy with the guests, the hottest new trend is the family style buffet service. Instead of having the buffet set up along the side of the room and having all of your guests line up to fill their plates, the food trays will be served family style on big platters in the middle of your table.

The family style or shared buffet is a great way to keep your event, like a wedding, special and cozy, but fun and casual at the same time. Of course, if you have invited hundreds of your closest friends, family, neighbors, and colleagues, a classic elegant gourmet buffet is the way to go. 

DiAntonio’s is a family run catering company located in Philadelphia. For over 25 years, we’ve been catering mouth-watering dishes to corporate and private events throughout the Philadelphia area.