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Aren’t you sick of missing out on all the most fun parts of your dinner party, always missing the best part of a story, or missing the punchline? When you have to play the hostess, and you’re always out of your seat and running to the kitchen, you tend to miss out on your own party. We know you like to cook, but if you hire DiAntonio’s you can be in complete control of the menu. We’ll cook your food, server your food, and you can still take all the credit.

Catering a dinner party

Sliced filet with an Asian cabbage slaw on a house made pancake roll.

Missing the party

You think you’re just having 10 or your closest friends over for wine and dinner, but there is a lot of planning and work that goes into hosting a dinner party. A dinner party always requires a lot more food than you first expect, and cooking for a dozen people or so takes time, often a few days of shopping, prepping, and cooking.

And then there are the fresh flowers, linens, and matching table and glassware. Wouldn’t it be nice if everything matched for a change? Hiring a catering company eliminates the hassle of borrowing from neighbors, or asking your guests to bring their own silverware.

When you’re the hostess, you end up spending too much time bussing the empty plates, trying to rinse and fill the dishwasher, so the kitchen isn’t overwhelmed, and before you know it a few of you are in the kitchen while the rest wait patiently at the dinner table. An intimate dinner should give you time to sit and talk and have a funny, deep, sad, intellectual, and stimulating conversation with your friends.

Customize your dinner party menu

Best desserts in Philadelphia

Our deep fried cheesecake won best decadent sweet in Bucks County. Get it on your next catering menu for your Philadelphia event.

Our chefs can help you plan the perfect dinner party menu. We make everything from scratch from the canapes to the cookies. Our food is fresh and delicious, it looks good, tastes good, and our servers will make sure that dinner service goes off without a hitch. We’ll make sure the food and the wine keep flowing so you can relax and finally be the life of the party instead of missing the party.

Gourmet catering in Philadelphia and Bucks County

Working with fresh ingredients, there are no limits to the type of cuisine that we can cook for your dinner party. And we can add or subtract any ingredient to avoid allergies and abide by any food restrictions. We’ve worked all types of events and parties in the Philadelphia and Bucks County area.

Contact DiAntonio’s, and we’ll handle the cooking and, so you can catch up with your guests.