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Food and party trends change with the season just like anything else. Earlier this year, The Huffington Post talked to some of the world’s most renowned event planners to see what would be trending regarding dinner parties and events in 2016.

Cocktails and finger foods have replaced the formal sit-down dinner party

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We can create the perfect finger foods and hors d’oeuvres for your Philadelphia event.

With the rise of technology allowing us to be everywhere at all times, even if it’s only virtually, it’s not that surprising that people are planning mix and mingle cocktail parties with buffet stations strategically placed around the venue.

The mix and mingle party allows all of your guests to – you guessed it – mix and mingle and move about the place. Why be stuck in one seat with a few dinner guests to talk to when you can roam around and talk to everyone?

Putting a new spin on old classic dishes and cocktails

The funny thing about food trends is that even though they are portrayed as new and original, retro will always be in style. Elevated classics like cheese balls and shrimp cocktails are perfect on any dinner party menu. You may even see the return of the fondue party, but we’re going to take this one step at a time.

Nose to tail menus for a sustainable dinner event

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We source our ingredients, including dairy and meats, from local farmers whenever possible.

Whatever dishes you choose to put on your menu, sustainability is the number one food trend of 2016. Nose to tail menus means that you use every part of the animal – from nose to tail – not letting anything go to waste.

Of course, any ingredients, herbs, spices, and produce that are sourced locally are front and center when customizing your event dinner menu.

Philadelphia event catering

When you choose DiAntonio’s to cater your next event in Philadelphia, you can be sure that we make each dish from scratch, using locally sourced ingredients whenever possible. Not only is it the sustainable, responsible way to prepare food; it is also the best way to get the most flavor and the best nutrition from each mouthwatering bite.

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