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Corporate catering in Philadelphia

Corporate lunch catering in Philadelphia

Our sandwiches are made from scratch, using healthy, fresh ingredients are a great source of feel-good carbs.

When people are happy at work, they tend to put in a little more effort, increasing productivity and sales. DiAntonio’s have many corporate clients in Philadelphia, so we know how to put together a great tasting catering menu. Great food by itself, delivered to the office, will boost office morale, but we can also play with ingredients to make each dish a happy dish. The next time you need corporate catering in Philadelphia, talk to our executive chef about using ingredients that are natural mood stimulators. We’ll create fresh dishes to keep your employees happy so your business can thrive.

Carbs make us happy

Carbs have gotten a really bad rap over the past decade. However, if you want to make your employees happy, feed them some carbohydrates. Other than being delicious, carbs help increase the production of serotonin. Serotonin is a mood stabilizing chemical that makes us feel good.

It’s time we stopped being so mad at carbs when all they want to do is make us happy.

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We work with fresh seasonal ingredients packed with vitamins and minerals to keep us happy and healthy.

Vitamin B rich foods make us happy

Dark green veggies, fish, and cheese are great sources of Vitamin B. Vitamin B deficiency can cause irritability and depression. Talk to your catering company about using Vitamin B rich foods for happier employees.

Fish is rich in Omega-3, which is linked to mood-boosting serotonin and dopamine production.

Fresh food makes us happy

When we plan a catering menu for Philadelphia office breakfasts, lunches, and dinners, we always make every dish from scratch using fresh seasonal ingredients. Cooking with fresh produce, meats, grains, and dairy – mostly locally sourced – we ensure that each dish is packed with nutrients for a balanced meal.

Corporate catering in Philadelphia

Our dark chocolate chunk cookie is just what your employees need to boost their moods.

Eating fresh, healthy food will make anyone feel good.

Dark chocolate makes you happy

There’s nothing like a chocolate chip cookie to make your employees smile, but it’s more than just stimulation from the sugar; dark chocolate is packed with antioxidants that scientists believe reduce stress hormones as well as reduce your risk of heart disease.

Corporate lunch catering in Philadelphia

Fish is packed with Omega-3, which is linked to the release of mood-enhancing chemicals.

On busy workdays when you can tell the stress level is reaching an all-time high, it’s time to break out some chocolate and feed it to your employees. Remember, a little dark chocolate goes a long way.

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Plan your happy catering menu with our executive chef, and we’ll have you and your employees smiling in no time.