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Create holiday party menu

Create a sweet, savory, and delicious holiday party menu with our catering chef team.

It’s time for everyone to throw their annual holiday party extravaganza. DiAntonio’s is the perfect partner to help you create a holiday party menu that will impress your guests and make your holiday party stand out.

Catering your holiday party

It’s the holidays, everyone is wearing ugly sweaters, and there’s plenty of eggnog to go around, you shouldn’t be stuck in the kitchen filling bowls of chips and dip, or plating the last mini-quiches. Let DiAntonio’s take care of the holiday party menu. We’ve been catering special events for over 25 years. We have great relationships with local vendors and farmers to ensure that every ingredient on the menu is of the highest quality.

Holiday party catering in Philadelphia

Pierogi is an Eastern European treat; a dumpling made of unleavened dough wrapped around something savory or sweet.

Canapes, appetizers, and hors d’oeuvres

Plan your holiday party around cocktail hour, and let your guests munch on savory canapes and appetizers. Our chefs are wizards in the kitchen and can help you create the perfect holiday party menu, or you can choose from some of our client favorites. No one has ever complained about our fresh guacamole or our divine homemade chocolate chip cookies.

You can keep it simple and classic, or you can throw in some surprises, like some Pierogies, an Eastern European dumpling. It’s delicious, and we bet your friends and family won’t have them on their holiday menu. You can play around with the filling, choosing both a savory option and a sweet option, just to make things interesting.

Holiday party catering in Philadelphia

Make your own eggplant, zucchini, and yellow squash bruschetta.

Have fun with your menu

We make an awesome eggplant, zucchini, and yellow squash bruschetta, but instead of having them ready made and ready to serve, have fun with your holiday catering. Set up a “make your own bruschetta” station. Food is a great way to bring people together, especially for the holidays.

Just talk to our chef team about the types of flavors you would like on your holiday menu, and we’ll make some culinary magic.

Holiday party and event catering

Holiday party catering in Bucks County

No one has ever complained about our dark chocolate chunk cookie.

If you’re in or around the Philadelphia area, choose DiAntonio’s to help you create a creative holiday menu, full of holiday classics, and surprising treats. Our catering executives are always accessible to customize any menu based on your needs. The best part about having your holiday party catered is that you get to enjoy your party and your guests. DiAntonio’s will take care of the cooking, plating, delivery, setup, and service.

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