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Is it Spring yet? We’ve already sprung forward, so why are there still icicles on the trees and gutters? At this point, we should be shedding our winter attire and start bringing the lawn furniture outside. This is the time of year where we start to talk about considerations for catering an outdoor event, but freak winter storms are making it hard to imagine that we’ll ever party outside again. Spring may be late this year, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t start planning. So, since we’re in the catering business, here is our list of considerations for outdoor event catering in Philadelphia.

Outdoor event catering in Philadelphia

Our fresh spring rolls are perfect for an outdoor event menu.

Catering menu for outdoor events

When you are planning the catering menu for an outdoor event, remember to plan the menu according to the weather that you are hoping to get on the day of your event. It’s still cold outside now, so you may be tempted to put a lot of hearty soups and warm weather foods on your menu. However, hopefully, by the time your outdoor event takes place, the snow will have melted and the warmth of the sun can finally break through. If your guests are hot, the last thing they’ll want is a hot, heavy meal. So, plan your menu based on the weather that you are hoping for, not the weather we have now.

Cover your guests and your food

The weather is unpredictable no matter what season it is, so make sure to prepare for anything. You’ll want to give your guests some cover, either by getting a big party tent or a few strategically placed awnings. Not only will they shield your guests, and your catering, from getting rained upon, but if the sun is beating down, it will also provide much-needed shade. Both your catering and your guests appreciate not having to stand directly in the sun.

Buffet service

Planning for an outdoor event in Philadelphia

Make sure you have cover for your buffet table and your guests.

Depending on how formal your outdoor event is, the most common catering service for outdoor events is a buffet. That way, your guests can move about and mingle and eat at their own pace. Our professional service guarantees that our buffet set up is still visually pleasing and complementary to the type of event you are throwing, and our servers will make sure that the trays are always full, the food is fresh, and everything is ready on time.

Table service

If you want table service, you’ll need to make sure that we have a place to work so that we can plate each dish and serve it to your guests. The chefs at DiAntonio’s will collaborate with you to customize your menu and talk about the timing of each course. Depending on the location and what we have to work with regarding a kitchen area to plate each dish, we’ll come up with a delicious menu that fits your event.

Talk to an executive chef at DiAntonio’s to start planning your outdoor event.