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The latest food trend to hit the outdoor wedding scene is to create a mini-food festival. Set up your wedding buffet like a street festival, where different stations serve various types of cuisine. We love catering outdoor weddings throughout Philadelphia, and we cook all kinds of cuisine authentically. More importantly, we have the equipment to make each station presentable for a wedding, as well as ensure that cold dishes stay cold and hot dishes stay hot. Now, all we have to do is think about the types of cuisine you want represented at your food station style wedding.

Food station style wedding cateringTypes of cuisine for your outdoor wedding

Setting up food stations with various cuisines throughout your wedding venue is great for mingling. Plus, it will help direct the flow of the area so that guests aren’t bunched up in one corner around the food. However, you will need a few more servers to properly execute the food station style wedding. The best part of this type of setup is that it allows you to have a variety of foods to please everyone.

Sushi station

For a summer wedding, sushi is becoming more and more popular. Sushi is fairly easy to eat, it’s bite-sized, fresh, and delicious. For a daytime outdoor wedding, sushi is a great choice. Of course, you can choose the type of sushi that is easier for your guests to eat as they are walking around the room. You can even set up a few cocktail tables around the sushi station that have chopsticks and tiny bowls for soy sauce, ginger, and wasabi. Be careful not to have any sushi or condiments standing out in the hot sun.

Outdoor wedding catering in PhiladelphiaAsian food station

Whereas sushi deserves a whole station to itself, you can add another Asian-inspired food station. We’ve got delicious Mongolian lamb dumplings and fresh spring rolls that your guests will go crazy over.

Mediterranean food station

Choose cuisine that can come in small portions and are easy to transport. If you expect guests to mingle, you don’t want the food to be sticky or messy. Fresh hummus and pita bread is a great simple little dish. Stuffed grape leaf rolls won’t mess up your wedding outfit or grease up your fingers.

Italian food station

Catering outdoor weddings in PhiladelphiaAlthough we cook anything that you like, Italian cuisine has a special place in our heart. We can make any dish, even spaghetti, in small portions, not to mention our authentic Italian meatballs, and Insalata Caprese on a stick.

Vegetarian food station

Every wedding has a few picky eaters and vegetarians. We can make great vegetarian dishes using seasonal ingredients and fresh produce. We don’t need meat to make mouthwatering dishes, even for the vegans and vegetarians.

Dessert station

Wedding catering in PhiladelphiaWe make great desserts. In fact, we’ve won awards for our famous Deep Fried Cheesecake, and we make a mean chocolate chip cookie. On top of the desserts we bake here in the DiAntonio’s kitchen, we also work with the best bakeries in Philadelphia. Your dessert food station is going to be the final touch to all the delicious cuisine we’ll prepare for your guests.

Outdoor wedding catering in Philadelphia

Work with the DiAntonio’s team to create a food station style wedding. Pick your favorite cuisines, remember to take dietary and food restrictions into account, and set up the perfect outdoor wedding. The DiAntonio’s team is ready to make your day special from start to finish. We are professional, cook delicious food, create beautiful presentations, and provide exceptional customer service.

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