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There’s nothing better than great wine and great food to bring people together. However, not all great wines go with all great foods. When you know how to pair wine with your food, the two will work together to bring out the best in every ingredient and elevate your meal to a new level. If you want your catered event to be memorable and special, be sure to talk to the chef about the types of wines that will work best with each dish. If you already have that special bottle of wine picked out, create a menu to match each note and compose a beautiful symphony of food and wine.

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The perfect pairing can elevate both the food and the wine.

Appetizers and wines

Appetizers can be sweet or savory, and a good mix can bring out many different flavors. This is the perfect time to pop open a bottle of rosé. Rosé is the perfect light wine that has a touch of acid mixed with fruity notes that will compliment most appetizers.

Fish and white wine

White wines are perfect for a fish course, whether it’s a rich fish like lobster or salmon or a white fish like a halibut or sablefish. White wines aren’t going to overpower the delicate flavors of the fish. White wines are bright and citrusy, acting like a squeeze of lemon to accentuate the fish.

Rich meats and red wine

For the meaty course – the one where you bring out a big, juicy, locally sourced organic steak – you want to match the bold flavors with a big bold red wine. However, you also need to take the whole dish into consideration.

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With a rich red piece of protein, you need a bold red wine to match.

Match the wine to the sauce

With a nice piece of meat, typically you’re going to have a sauce to match. When you are choosing wine, talk to your chef about the sauce they are making and find similar notes to pair with the red wine. If you have protein in a white wine sauce, bringing out a rich red wine is not going to mesh well with the dish. Don’t always pair the wine with the protein, but look at the flavors of the whole dish so that you are matching flavors and not just going with the oversimplified rule of “red meat with red wine.”

To learn more about pairing wine with food, check out this article in Food & Wine Magazine.

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