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If you’re in the Philadelphia or Bucks County area and you need catering for a special event, hire a local catering company that uses local ingredients to create gourmet dishes. At DiAntonio’s, we try to source all of our ingredients from local Philly farmers and vendors, spreading the love, supporting our community, and keeping it in the family. The result is great karma and mouthwatering dishes for all of our clients.

Philadelphia catering company

We try to source as many of our ingredients from local farmers and vendors as we can.

The benefits of sourcing local ingredients

By getting as many of our ingredients from local vendors and farmers, we are supporting our community, as well as eliminating the wasteful costs of packaging and transportation that is damaging to our environment. Not only does it cause pollution to transport food across the country, but it also wastes energy trying to keep the food fresh and packaged correctly, and it wastes a lot of water. Buying food directly from the farmer will preserve wide open spaces, reduce CO2, and protect local sources of water. It also ensures that there are plenty of space for wildlife to flourish, thereby protecting families, the community, and our local wildlife.

Farm to table is more nutritious

When you cut out the middleman and buy directly from farmers, you are ensuring that the products that you consume contain all (or almost all) of their nutritional value. The longer you wait between harvesting and getting the food on the table, the more nutrients end up lost or depleted from the food. This is why the “farm to table” concept has become increasingly popular amongst farmers, restaurateurs, and caterers.

Gourmet event catering

Gourmet catering using locally sourced ingredients from Philadelphia farmers and vendors.

Philadelphia catering company

We want to make the best, freshest, safest, and most nutritious food for our clients. This is why we work with local farmers as much as possible to get our fruits, veggies, meats, bread, and dairy products. Nothing brings people together like a great meal, and when you add the communal value of supporting your neighbors, food takes on a whole new meaning.

For your next event, choose DiAntonio’s. We’ll create a delicious menu that will impress any guest and suit every type of event, big or small, and help give back to the community that we love.