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Catering your next party will help you be a better host

Throwing a big party is challenging even for the most seasoned party host or hostess. No party is just thrown together; the more successful the party, the more time you need to spend planning the party. There are three main areas that need to be taken into consideration: guests, location, and food.

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Allowing your guests to mingle

When you invite everyone you know, you can’t just expect them to walk about and mingle. Your guests will naturally gather into groups with people they already know. As a host, you need to free up the time to be the link between all of your guests, introducing everyone and encouraging people to talk to people they don’t know. Yes, a few cocktails will help, but you don’t want your party breaking into cliques for the first few hours until the Cosmos kick in.

Allowing your guest to sit

Mingling requires walking about, but at some point throughout the night, each of your guests is going to want to sit down, especially those wearing heels. Make sure that there are areas for people to sit together and mingle. Depending on what you are serving, you’ll need to be able to lean or sit down with a plate to enjoy the food that you have prepared for the party. Also, make sure there are more than a few chairs to each sitting area, allowing for more guests to sit together and get to know each other. If you only make small, intimate areas with a few chairs, you’ll just end up splitting your party into tiny groups. Keep the room flowing.

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Great food will bring a party together.

As the host, you need to be there for your guests. You can’t do that if you’re running back and forth from the kitchen, filling platters, making more food, or trying to keep up with the dishes that are gathering in the kitchen. Free up your time by hiring a local catering company. At DiAntonio’s, we’ve catered large and small events throughout Philadelphia and Bucks County. We can help you create any type of food for your party, creating each dish from scratch. You can still be an intricate part of customizing your party menu, but then you can let go and let our team prepare, plate, and serve the dishes, allowing you to spend time with your guests enjoying the party instead of feeling like you are working your own party.

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Contact our executive chef today, and let’s start planning your party menu from scratch. Our food is delicious, fresh, seasonal, and locally sourced whenever possible. We can accommodate any dietary restrictions or allergies. Don’t spend another party stuck in the kitchen. Have DiAntonio’s cater your next event.