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Most companies practice corporate social responsibility (CSR.) At DiAntonio’s, we practice CCSR: Corporate Catering Social Responsibility. We take pride in catering events in Philadelphia and Bucks County, and that means providing the best ingredients for each of our dishes and supporting local businesses and farmers.

Socially responsible catering in Philadelphia and Bucks County

Whenever possible, our events are catered using fresh ingredients from local Philadelphia farms and vendors.

Philly catering company supports local farmers

When you hire DiAntonio’s to cater your corporate or social events, you are not just supporting one Philadelphia company; you are supporting many local Philadelphia vendors and farmers. Whenever possible, we buy our ingredients from local farmers. We do this for several reasons:

  • We want to support our community by buying local whenever possible
  • We want to create the best tasting food for our clients
  • We want to promote genetic diversity to increase our variety
  • We want to provide the best nutritional value for our clients
  • We want to minimize our carbon footprint
  • We want to celebrate what each season brings

Local Philadelphia catering company

Event catering in Philadelphia

All of our dishes are created from scratch using fresh, seasonal, and local ingredients.

We want to celebrate and support our community, vendors, and farmers and ensure that we continue to produce homegrown produce to sustain our families, friends, and neighbors. We want to build a bridge between grower and consumer, making food a shared experience.

Event catering in Philadelphia and Bucks County

When you choose a company to cater your next event, don’t just choose a company based on the price and the menu they offer. Look at their corporate practices. Food should be about more than just satisfying your hunger; it should be about people and community, and how we can be socially responsible as consumers and producers.

We can create mouth-watering dishes for any event, big or small, in Philadelphia and Bucks County, Pennsylvania. Each dish is created from scratch using the best ingredients available. Customize a catering menu you can satisfies your palate, as well as your social responsibility.