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Customizing a cocktail party buffet

A cocktail party is a perfect excuse to gather your friends, splurge a little on great food and cocktails, break up the day, and celebrate the spring. Plus, you can keep it short and sweet so that it doesn’t become too much of a commitment during a busy work week. Customize the perfect springtime cocktail party buffet menu.

Philadelphia cocktail party catering

Create a fresh and delicious cocktail party buffet.

Cocktail parties and fun and lively

A cocktail party is a welcomed break during the workweek. Even people who are busy, busy, busy will have time to stop by for a drink and a few appetizers. A late afternoon cocktail party is an easy commitment, so you can be sure that all of your guests will attend, keeping it fun and lively.

Easy time commitment

A cocktail party isn’t supposed to last for more than a few hours; just long enough to unwind with a great cocktail and munch on some delicious dishes. Arrange for an appetizing cocktail buffet to compliment the drinks. Since the time of the cocktail party is in between meals, you can limit your buffet to appetizers and light finger foods.

Cocktail party buffet menu

Sushi catering for cocktail parties

Sushi may not be simple to eat, but it is fresh and delicious and will make your cocktail party memorable.

We love creating buffet menus for cocktail parties all over Philadelphia. We’ll create beautiful trays with fresh fruit, delicious cheese and cracker platters, veggies and dips, and cute little finger foods that are light, refreshing, and bursting with flavor. Each dish is easy to eat so that you can eat it with one hand while holding a cocktail in the other.

Book DiAntonio’s for your next Philadelphia cocktail party

Work with the executive chefs at DiAnotios to create a fresh spring buffet menu that goes with the wine, beer, and cocktails you’ll be serving. We use fresh ingredients to create every dish, and our professional servers and staff will make sure that the buffet is set up on time. When you’re throwing a cocktail party that only lasts a few hours, it’s important that your catering company is professional and will show up on time. You can trust DiAntonio’s Catering company with your cocktail party buffet catering.

We cater any type of event – not just cocktail parties – throughout the Philadelphia area and Bucks County.