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We started our culinary career making the best hoagies in Philadelphia. Although we’ve expanded on our menu quite a bit since starting a catering company, we still make awesome sandwiches for our clients. If you’re looking to treat your employees to a quick lunch, order salads and sandwiches, and we’ll have them sent right over to your office.

Gourmet lunch sandwiches in Philadelphia

We make our gourmet Italian hoagies with dry-cured prosciutto and capicola to keep them as authentic.

What makes a good sandwich

We all know that a sandwich is not just a sandwich. There are many components to making a sandwich that is elevated above your PB&Js with the crust cut off, although there’s something to be said for that classic childhood comfort sandwich. We like to elevate our sandwich tray for our clients, making the sandwich a culinary delight.

Fresh bread for every sandwich

We buy our bread from five local bakeries to ensure that each sandwich has the right balance of flavors and the most genuine taste.

Italian hoagies are made with dry-cured prosciutto and capicola to keep them as authentic to the Philly experience as possible.

Our Philly Cheesesteak Sandwich is made with a nice rib-eye, and you can choose from whole Passyunk street style or chopped.

Philadelphia lunch catering

We make our sandwiches fresh every day for our clients.

Sandwiches made fresh to order

We also make all of our sandwiches on the day that they are going out to our clients. All ingredients are fresh and locally sourced whenever possible to ensure the best flavors and the most nutrient-packed produce.

Lunch catering in Philadelphia

We believe that even a sandwich can be gourmet with the right ingredients and balance of flavor, and we can supplement your gourmet sandwich trays with specialty salads, also made from fresh, local ingredients.

When you have your lunch catered by DiAntonio’s, you will get a true farm-to-table experience, even if you are just ordering sandwiches and salads.

Order your lunch today!