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Choosing between the buffet or the plated dinner

When you are planning your wedding menu, one of the things you need to consider is the type of service that you intend. Most people will choose between the formal plated sit-down dinner or the more casual family style buffet. So, let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons of each type of service so that we can start planning the perfect wedding menu.

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The plated service is typically a three-course progression of dishes.
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The sit-down plated wedding dinner

For a formal wedding, the plated sit-down wedding service is the more traditional choice. The plated wedding service will allow for a more intimate menu, where you carefully plan a progression of dishes, ending with the reveal of the wedding cake. One of the many benefits of the sit-down dinner is that everyone can sit and enjoy the company of their table mates while being served. You are also ensuring that everyone gets to eat at the same time, and you can coordinate each course with the rest of your wedding program.

If you are not a big fan of wasted food, the sit-down dinner service allows you to plan your meal more carefully, choosing a three-course meal with your favorite proteins and a few gourmet sides. Since you know exactly how many guests are coming, your catering company can plan how much food to buy and to prepare more carefully, eliminating big portions of wasted food. However, if you have a lot of picky eaters or dietary restrictions in your circle of family and friends, a buffet with many different choices may be easier if you want to ensure that everyone gets something to eat.

One downside to the sit-down dinner is going to be the extra cost of service. Having to serve 300 people at the same time will require a bigger staff on hand, which can tip your wedding meal budget.

The wedding buffet

Choosing the style of wedding service

A wedding buffet ensures that there is something for everyone.

Just because a buffet seems a bit more casual than a plated dinner service doesn’t mean that the food is going to be any less spectacular. There is more freedom with a buffet-style service. Your guests can eat when they are hungry or choose to mingle and dance and enjoy the wedding festivities. Plus, if you have a wide array of guests with different likes and dislikes – maybe you even have kids at the wedding – a buffet will give you plenty of variety. With a buffet spread, you’re almost certain to find something you like.

Of course, if you have a tightly planned program for your wedding, the buffet is going to take up a significant portion of the time. So, make sure you leave plenty of time for people to get their plate of food, find a place to sit and enjoy the meal before you move on with the program. No one wants to miss a speech because they were stuck in the buffet line.

Wedding catering in Philadelphia

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